Jan 032011

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There are 3 important items for determining what your client integrity strategy is. So how does a CIO bring the complexity of the many options down to a smaller decision path? It is not what you think. In this video I explain how inspecting the users, devices, and AD all fit together.
1. USERS: There are so many types of users trying to access your environment; from business partners, consultants, employees who are allowed access externally and those who are not, kiosks, hotel, conferences.
2. DEVICES: That are allowed access are as varied as the people: Smartphones like Droids, iPhones, Blackberrys, etc.
3. AD: The core of your security strategy is the core and not the edge.
Enjoy the video. I invite your comments. Bill
Oct 252010
Watch the video for an announcement about Social Media Training for IT Executives with the CIO Executive Series. Explore cioes.org for more about this great learning opportunity.
I don’t think the CMO can drive Social Media policy exclusively. The CIO needs to be deeply invloved with bringing ideas to the table. If they don’t they will be relegated forever to plumbing of the organization.
Sep 172010

In this Vid blog I examine teaching core fundamentals to our people using an advanced soccer move called the spinneroo. The reason that the US is catching up to the world with soccer, but still not …..quite…… there yet is because of the focus on fundamentals at an early age.
As the CIO are you teaching fundamentals to your people in order to achieve greatness? Are the networking fundamentals being adhered to? To achieve stellar project success can we simply remember the basics. Take a look at my vidblog and let me know your thoughts. Bill with CIOTV