Jan 032011

This is a real life example that happened to me and a CIO last week that illustrates Twitter and customer service at its best.
Two things are needed. 1) An internet connection and 2) Tweetdeck

If anyone doubts the power of the Twitter-Verse, think again. I was Tweeting with one of my Tweeps (@sonny_h) about his not-so-great experience at Best Buy over the holiday break. We both used the hashtag #bestbuy in our Tweets and guess what? Best Buy responded quickly in an effort to provide customer service and of course, to protect their brand. Please follow the Twitter chain below.
#bestbuy experience is completely shambolic now. Complete #fail. They just lost out on a $600 sale because no one would bother to talk to me
@sonny_h Let’s see if they are watching this hashtag to see if they respond #cio #bestbuy Wednesday, December 29, 2010 5:40:15 PM via TweetDeck in reply to sonny_h
@CIOesTV we do :) 5:46 PM Dec 29th via web in reply to CIOesTV
@sonny_h I am disappointed to hear this & apologize for the experience – which location was this? Wednesday, December 29, 2010 5:46:16 PM via web in reply to sonny_h
@Coral_BestBuy thanks for listening. This was at the bailey’s cross roads location in #arlingtonva 7:23 PM Dec 29th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Coral_BestBuy

@CIOesTV just got a tweet from @coral_bestbuy. Good to see they are at least listening. Hope it helps improve the shortcomings. 7:24 PM Dec 29th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to CIOesTV

@sonny_h Thank you – which department were you shopping in? or are there any other details you can share for me when I address this? 7:25 PM Dec 29th via web in reply to sonny_h

@Coral_BestBuy appliances. No sales agent on site. After tracking down another agent was informed he’s on lunch. Waited 30 minutes. No luck 7:28 PM Dec 29th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Coral_BestBuy

Oct 152010

Ok,  I’m getting the hang of Twitter and I am now one of 200 million users (also known as Tweeps) who Tweet!  Amazing isn’t it?  Finally, someone taught me how to use it and I have to admit it, it is a bit addictive.

I have just downloaded and tested Seesmic and TweetDeck to do the following:  1) Who is tweeting about me.  2) Follow tweets on topics that interest me.  3) Follow people/thought leaders in subjects that interest me.

I know most of the CIOs in our community don’t have the familiarity with the tool to be comfortable with it.  I urge you to try it. Use these Twitter management tools and also download them to your mobile phone where it just makes life so much easier.

Apr 292010

/>Thanks for the very interactive virtual roundtable this morning on the use of Twitter for the CIO . More and more of our members are tweeting, but many are still not quite ready to take the

jump. To those who are waiting, I say try it!

Twitter is a great social media platform for you to monitor your business, check on competitors, communicate with colleagues, track techology trends or follow friends and family.

Use this Twitter Tips pdf as a reference guide and tweet with our CIOES members on Twitter!

Please join

our LinkedIn discussion: As an IT executive, how are you leveraging the effect of Twitter within your organization? Please share your successes and challenges… now!

And don’t forget to tweet me @cioestv with your comments.

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