Dec 272010

Another year is almost gone and 2010 had some big tech stories. According to InfoWorld, we are entering into a post PC era where iPads & smartphones rule. Take a look at the The Top 10 Tech Stories of 2010 and let me know if you agree with their list.

  1. Apple Does it Again: iPad Sets a New Direction for Computing
  2. Microsoft Plays Catch-Up with Windows Phone 7
  3. Verizon Launches LTE Network — 4G or Not, it’s the Next Generation
  4. HP Ousts Hurd as Boardroom Soap Opera Continues
  5. Google in China: A Geopolitical Thriller
  6. Stuxnet: Industrial Systems Under Attack
  7. International Teamwork Breaks up Zeus Botnet Crime Ring
  8. Google Street View Feeds Privacy Debate
  9. China Claims Supercomputer Crown
  10. The Tech Sector Bounces Back
Aug 242010

Bill Murphy blogs about technology today.The quickest way to develop an enterprise-wide SIP (Security, Identity, & Privacy Strategy) is for a senior executive to lose one of the following: PC, laptop, cell phone, or blackberry. Many senior executives think that perimeter security is a firewall and maybe an IDS/IPD/IDP system.

The notion of security through a solid perimeter around a well-defined protected network has disappeared: the walled medieval castle concept is dead. The perimeter has not disappeared; it has expanded to include mobile devices used in today’s organizations. Perimeter security is now a combination of traditional perimeter mechanisms and end-point security.

So how do you take control of end-point security? My opinion is that you can’t, at least not with the security and networking budgets that I see. However, you can take control by developing a plan to control end-point device security.  Start developing your client integrity plan by asking the following questions presented on the White Paper.

Stay tuned, I will discuss remaining steps involved in developing and executing your SIP strategy in future posts!