Jun 052011

DavCo enlisted RedZone Technologies – a key sponsor of the CIO Executive Series – to help DavCo become fully PCI compliant within a secure remote network. 

Watch Stacy Duncan, IT Director at DavCo and James Crifasi, CTO at RedZone Technologies as they share how they successfully implemented SonicWALL solutions to achieve PCI compliance for DavCo.

Mar 242011

Mobility Security was a big concern with the CIOs at our last virtual roundtable. Several CIO Executive Series members have purchased iPads for themselves and their staff because they need to start testing access and security requirements.

During our roundtable discussion, one CIO Executive Series member mentioned he has over 200 iPads and 50 iPhones. The business units pay for the devices and service through ATT and Verizon. He secures the devices by:

1. Offering terminal services access to an RDP client in the ipad
2. Limiting corporate web services to OWA and Sales Force
3. Adding remote wipe capability
4. Preventing split tunneling of remote user browsing. Product recommended was Zscaler which loads on the firewall

CIO Remote Access Decisions th…

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May 202010

CIO Remote Access

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