Feb 022011
Download Desktop VDI Bubble Chart White Paper

Download Desktop VDI Bubble Chart White Paper

Thanks to our sponsor RedZone for providing the reference document of technical questions to ask your Virtual Desktop VDI vendors.

  • How do they handle expanding hard drive drifts?
  • How do they handle OS Operating system patch management and size issues?
  • What SANs do they support native interaction with?
  • Application virtualization/streaming
  • Session control and management
  • How is offline mode handled?
  • What virtual infrastructure native support do they have?
  • On/Off Premise
Jan 032011

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There are 3 important items for determining what your client integrity strategy is. So how does a CIO bring the complexity of the many options down to a smaller decision path? It is not what you think. In this video I explain how inspecting the users, devices, and AD all fit together.
1. USERS: There are so many types of users trying to access your environment; from business partners, consultants, employees who are allowed access externally and those who are not, kiosks, hotel, conferences.
2. DEVICES: That are allowed access are as varied as the people: Smartphones like Droids, iPhones, Blackberrys, etc.
3. AD: The core of your security strategy is the core and not the edge.
Enjoy the video. I invite your comments. Bill
Sep 072010

Should you consider partnering with a Managed Service Provider for your non-core technology needs?  I have found that the best methods of IT staffing aren’t necessarily behind your company’s four walls. This is where Managed Services Providers are an excellent option to consider. 

  • Can you afford the personnel costs of managing and supporting your IT investments?
  • Does change in technology and the rate of that change negatively impact your staffing efforts?
  • Would you like your IT people to spend more time focused on core systems and member facing applications? Could you do this if the basic, everyday IT “plumbing” were handled?
  • Can you afford the raw hardware and software costs for IT today? Does this part of the budget frustrate you?
  • Does compliance risk associated with DR, Security, and infrastructure keep you up at night?
  • Are you keeping pace with requirements when it comes to compliance and IT? Have you developed a multi-year approach to planning technology compliance?
  • How good is your reporting in tough areas of the network related to logging and auditing?

Working with a Managed Service Provider will mitigate many of your every day IT concerns. When you have a trusted IT partner who understands and keeps up with compliance and the technical aspects of Disaster Recovery, IT Security, Infrastructure, and IT operations, you will free up valuable internal technology resources (hardware, software, and people) that can focus on more strategic, member-facing initiatives that directly impact your bottom line.