Jul 012011

What is happening with smartphones, tablets, and other devices is that with having this equipment in the workplace, IT may now be required to provide access and support for the users.

It used to be that one could offer a Blackberry device and you’re done. Users are happy and you are safe and secure.  Now with proliferations of consumer devices like iPads, etc., offering only Blackberry as a solution is no longer an option.

A Whackamole situation is now emerging; where you attack the head that pops up with the mallet, hoping it will not reappear but it always does. How do you embrace these devices and have a security architecture and policy framework that accommodates these various devices?

Architecture decisions are at the core of this topic.  I really don’t care which Suite you chose (Vmware, Citrix, Microsoft, etc.) in the diagram below. What I do care about is can you answer and deploy your apps to BYOD gear in these 6 areas?

Also, can you confidently prove how you plan on granting access to your applications using various devices across your architecture?  You are responsible for granting ‘cross device access’.

How can ubiquitous access be granted with the fewest, fewest, simplest methods possible?  It all starts with architecture which you can see below.

Oct 252010
Watch the video for an announcement about Social Media Training for IT Executives with the CIO Executive Series. Explore cioes.org for more about this great learning opportunity.
I don’t think the CMO can drive Social Media policy exclusively. The CIO needs to be deeply invloved with bringing ideas to the table. If they don’t they will be relegated forever to plumbing of the organization.
Jan 272010

Happy New Year!

Ok, let’s get the year started off with a bang!   I am thrilled about the success of the CIO Exec Series Roundtable Group in 2009.  We grew new members by over 50%.   We are starting our 10th year and last year was our most successful and it is because of our members!

I would like to start out 2010 with a NEW TOPIC that hasn’t been covered formally in the group in quite some time – Electronic Discovery.  I think this is a timely topic since state and federal regulatory laws have been changing in 2009 and members are having to examine eDiscovery’s impact on their organizations. 

Please join our virtual roundtable on the topic of Electronic Discovery on Jan 27th from 9-10am


Before you are called in to tesify,  let’s have a peer discussion on this topic.  Let’s start with a basic question:
Does your understanding of your corporate email and communication policy match what is technical reality?

Agenda – Electronic Discovery
1. What laws have changed?
2. What are your local peers doing about this issue?
3. Who are the leading vendors?
4. With Email SaaS what are the options?
5. Discuss lessons learned.
6. Capturing a Needle in a Haystack.

• Audio/ Video (and emails that have these attachments)
• Email
• Instant Messaging
• Database Servers
• File Systems
• Detachable Media (usb, zip drives, etc)
7. Etc

Topic: CIO Exec Series Virtual Roundtable Discussion
Time: 9-10:00AM
Date: January 27, 2010