Nov 022010

PODCAST – Are You a CIO Trying to Decide Between Off-Prem and On-Prem Solutions?
This is a great discussion with Martin Cusack, CEO of PoliTECH Strategies, who helps IT executives and CEOs decide between off prem or on prem call/contact centers. If your organization or business is evaluating call center solutions – you must listen! Thanks Marty!

Jun 302010

June 30, 2010 Virtual Roundtable Podcast Our group had great discussions, sharing individual experiences with the staffing ratios of their IT Departments.  Our CIOs who were present at today’s VRT, represent a variety of types of companies, and despite a range of differences in staff management and industry niches, we found that many CIOs have similar staffing ratios of 1: 100 or 1:125.   The ability for our group members to share insight and experience regarding staffing ratios and metrics proved valuble indeed.  The VRT was a true networking platform which provided a great jumping off point for further discussion between members. 

For group members who were not able to participate in today’s discussions, I am posting a Podcast of the Virtual Roundtable here.  Please download the Podcast and listen at your convenience! 

Today’s second topic at the VRT was Virtual Desktops.  Participating members stated interest about this topic.  It would be beneficial to learn about what you know about Virtual Desktops and I encourage you to post a blog on the topic!  Continued conversation and peer exchange is such a huge part of what we are all about. 

Thanks to all CIOs who contributed to the strong participation of today’s VRT.  We look forward to having everyone return and also gain contributions from new voices.  New VRT topics for next month are being determined, and I will let you know the upcoming date and time!

Jan 292010

The need for a solid approach to email discovery is needed.   Recent legal changes now make it necessary to really review how one approaches the backup and retention of email.   The monitoring, archiving, and forensics needed can confound and overwhelm IT staffs that are already handling day to day projects.

Can you stand in front of a judge and say confidently that all data matches to corporate policy? Do you know your policy?   If you want to double check your position on Electronic Discovery for your organization, review this recorded CIO Exec Series Podcast from this week. Some of the following discussions are captured in this podcast:

What are the legal concerns CIOs have?
What is ’sustained effort?’
Who else has an aggressive email retention policy?
In the cloud archiving options.
Are you a Lotus Notes shop or Microsoft?
What about laptops?
What can you do with Group Policy? What can’t you do?

I hope you enjoy.  Let me know your thoughts.