Jun 302010

June 30, 2010 Virtual Roundtable Podcast Our group had great discussions, sharing individual experiences with the staffing ratios of their IT Departments.  Our CIOs who were present at today’s VRT, represent a variety of types of companies, and despite a range of differences in staff management and industry niches, we found that many CIOs have similar staffing ratios of 1: 100 or 1:125.   The ability for our group members to share insight and experience regarding staffing ratios and metrics proved valuble indeed.  The VRT was a true networking platform which provided a great jumping off point for further discussion between members. 

For group members who were not able to participate in today’s discussions, I am posting a Podcast of the Virtual Roundtable here.  Please download the Podcast and listen at your convenience! 

Today’s second topic at the VRT was Virtual Desktops.  Participating members stated interest about this topic.  It would be beneficial to learn about what you know about Virtual Desktops and I encourage you to post a blog on the topic!  Continued conversation and peer exchange is such a huge part of what we are all about. 

Thanks to all CIOs who contributed to the strong participation of today’s VRT.  We look forward to having everyone return and also gain contributions from new voices.  New VRT topics for next month are being determined, and I will let you know the upcoming date and time!

May 252010

In a continuation of our CIO Profile Series, I investigate what makes one CIO tick.    Here’s my interview with this Chief Information Officer:

BM: What makes you a Success?

Well I don’t define myself by project success which I have had quite a bit of my organization. What I think of as a success for example on my VoIP rollout in regards to efficiency gains and cost savings is lost when I have QoS issues that are impacting an end user.

BM: What is more core to your success then than delivering an IT project?

What makes me a success is more a function of my passion to help the business.  This is what gets me here very early in the morning because we have a current strategic initiative to understand when our projects get off track and why did they? Managing projects is so critical to our success. Incremental improvement creates huge positive gain in profitability. We have a pretty well developed Project Management Group and I wonder; why are key indicators being ignored? Are contracts getting the necessary resources when requested? Are we robbing some parts of a project to pay for another? IT can solve these problems and process can solve these problems. I want to get rid of the attitude, “well you win some and lose some.” I want transparency with our Project Management. This is what I am passionate about when it comes to my business.

What about at you at your core as a person? What motivates you beyond business?

Well, this is an interesting question. Martial Arts was a big motivator for me early on in my career. I liked the discipline, the learning, and also being an instructor. I know you are a black belt as well so I know you know what I mean when Martial Arts gets into your blood.

What events shaped you as a kid?

I would say that my father waking me up on a weekend morning and tell me, “The day is stealing away. You have

to get up.” To this day, this is what motivates me to get in early and do the best I can. I would also say that ‘actions not words’ was a key value my Father had that he instilled in me that to this day is a core part of my value system as a leader.

What has been one of the most important leadership lessons that you have learned recently?

We had the author of the book Leadership and Self-Deception come down for leadership program. After working with him for a year as a management team, I would have to say that the most important thing for me that has made the best impact is learning to be non-judgmental as a leader. For me this had made a big impact for me as a person and as a leader.

BM: what would you like to see from the Virtual Roundtables moving forward?
How are CIOs using social media both inside the 4 walls of their companies and outside the 4 walls? What is working and what is not? Who is dedicated to maintaining it? Is the primary application BtoB or BtoC? I am curious….

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