Oct 142010

I am in Las Vegas to attend the BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 conference which starts today and ends Saturday.  Social Media is becoming an integral element of IT services for all organizations – large or small, domestic or international.  At the conference, I will be meeting influential bloggers and interviewing CIOs for CIOES & CIO TV.

I will also be attending sessions that deal with security and privacy regarding social media content.  I recently read McAfee’s Global Report on Web 2.0 and social networking in business.  More than 1,000 global decision makers were surveyed and 60% said their organizations already suffered losses averaging $2 million from security issues last year. Social media might be here to stay, but how are IT professionals going to protect corporate intellectual property? 

A Wall Street Journal article on Web Scraping deals with the identity ramifications of social media in the enterprise.  I am just shocked at the extent people are scarfing information from social media sites and then selling it!  Talk about living a life of no integrity.   Take time to read it – most CIOs should be aware of this!

Hopefully at this event, I will learn how organizations are dealing with these important issues and will report back to the CIOES group.

Note: If you are curious about any items at Blog World, vendors or information related to security or usability, please email or tweet! I will gather what I can for you.