Jan 052011

I have just finished reading recent blog posts from John Hughes and Peter Kretzman. Both blogs are well written and have excellent CIO material since both men have served as CIOs.

Trust Me, I’m the CEO

John discusses the concept of trust in his post Trust me, I’m a CIO and in particular, being glued to the CEO means that you develop relationships with key stake holders. I would add that managing key stake holder relationships is the critical to develop and to manage credibility. How do you know if you are credible unless you are actively asking the tough questions of your peers where their perception of how you are doing your job is so critical. More incites from John can be found here.

Are You a Scrappy CIO?

Peter’s use of analogy in his blog Mending Wall: Matches and mismatches in IT stakeholder expectations is very cool and I won’ steal all his thunder in my synopsis however there are a few points I would like to make. Similar to Peter, I think it is so important for IT executives to VISUALLY represent to the stakeholders what Peter describes as “metering lights on the freeway” – sort of like educating them using the examples of “red light, green light and yellow light.” We all receive data and information differently. What if you shifted your communications approach to stake holders with pie charts, graphs, pictures? I also loved Peter’s analogy of “Being Scrappy” and looking to de-couple deliverables to get chunks of projects done…so critical. I believe this dove tails nicely with John’s point about relationship building and showing a stakeholder how you can make something happen for them! It is important to make the stakeholders happy, but as Peter mentions, it is necessary to also have fences and boundaries. Just make sure you build fences that are chest high so you can talk over them!

Dec 152010
After our virtual roundtable, I did a post wrap up video interview with John.  We talked for a few minutes about:

1. The CIO facing a new reality of Leadership; a role that is less technical and more about being a Chief Strategy Officer.
2. We discussed the top 2 questions CIOs need to ask their peers on the Executive Team.
3. We talked about having your tactical house in order first and then building the credibility necessary to have a Strategy discussion.

Enjoy the video and please comment below.

Dec 102010

Join John Hughes, former VP of IT Strategy of Cendant, as he co-hosts the CIO Executive Series Virtual Roundtable on December 15th from 10-11AM. John will discuss his new book Haunting the CEO and share his thoughts on the following.

  • What will be the role of the CIO over the next 5 years?
  • Are CIOs working themselves out of jobs?
  • CIOs need the right IT management team to survive.
  • Relevant CIOs need to be strategic business leaders not vendor managers.
  • CIOs must learn the language of a leader – not geek-speak, but business-speak.
  • The CEO and CIO dance – who leads?
  • Is business IT alignment becoming extinct?
  • CIOs must become strategic business leaders to survive.

Some recent CIO book reviews include:

“Haunting the CEO is a new spin on the classic business book, packaging important life lessons for today’s CIO into a first-person novel. Highly recommended!” ~ Gregory R. Simpson, CTO, GE

“Haunting the CEO is a book for new and seasoned CIOs. There are many real-life examples that can be applied quickly. In addition, it provides a roadmap for transforming the organization to help IT drive strategic growth and innovation.” ~ Raj Rawal, Senior VP and CIO, Burger King Corp.

Don’t miss this event – register now!