Aug 022010

Title: The CIO As Change Agent: CIO Exec Series August 2010 VRT Event
Location: Online and Phone Discussion with Live Web Cam Video Broadcasting
Video Virtual Round Table Registration Link: Click here to Register
1. Are you driving revenue for your company? What are your peers doing in this regard as well?
2. Are you improving customer service radically
3. Are you fixing problems?
4. Are you reacting to what is happening?
5. Are you aligned with sales and marketing efforts? In what way? Listen to examples of CIOs doing this.
6. Are you improving ‘customer’ service…….(the paying customer), not the end user? In what ways?
7. Are there more fires to put out than proactive alignment with sales/marketing/customer?

Join Bill Murphy as host of the CIO Exec Series to talk with your peers about what they are doing in these areas and more!

The first regional VRT event broadcast live will have 20 virtual video camera seats will be a more interactive session for conversing with peers. The VRT will also have an audio bridge for over flow capacity for CIOs who can’t get into the first group of 20.

Register online now for this great group discussion!

Start Time: 10:00
Date: 8/25/2010
End Time: 11:00