Mar 152011

Be aware that the default operations of Outlook 2010 have changed. The impact of this can be from basically DoS’ing (denial of service) the executive’s PC, to drowning order generic viagra the Exchange server. There is an easy fix, however just as easily the user can undo it (this isn’t good), to get the full functioning that 2010 offers (without being admin!). Fixing it right can involve complex AD group policy modifications.

Don’t be caught unaware! If you have questions, contact me or tweet me.

Cloud Email Solutions: Educational Virtual Roundtable "VRT"

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Oct 202010

Virtual Round Table

Cloud Email Solutions: Educational Virtual Roundtable
Wednesday, October 20, 2010  9am-10:30am

 Special Guest: David Parris, IT Director for Southern Management Corporation (SMC).  David will discuss how he made the decision to move SMC’s emails to the “Cloud.”

CIOs: You should attend if. . .

1. You are upgrading to Exchange 2010 in the next year
2. Exchange doesn’t help your business make money
3. You think Microsoft has a viable option
4. You are skeptical
5. Have concerns about email security, archiving, encryption
6. Have questions about design and architecture
7. Have questions about migration to off-premise solutions

Bill Murphy will facilitate the presentation and the corresponding Q&A session. The presentation will hit all the interest areas that CIO/ES members ask about!

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