Jan 292010

The need for a solid approach to email discovery is needed.   Recent legal changes now make it necessary to really review how one approaches the backup and retention of email.   The monitoring, archiving, and forensics needed can confound and overwhelm IT staffs that are already handling day to day projects.

Can you stand in front of a judge and say confidently that all data matches to corporate policy? Do you know your policy?   If you want to double check your position on Electronic Discovery for your organization, review this recorded CIO Exec Series Podcast from this week. Some of the following discussions are captured in this podcast:

What are the legal concerns CIOs have?
What is ’sustained effort?’
Who else has an aggressive email retention policy?
In the cloud archiving options.
Are you a Lotus Notes shop or Microsoft?
What about laptops?
What can you do with Group Policy? What can’t you do?

I hope you enjoy.  Let me know your thoughts.


Jan 272010

Happy New Year!

Ok, let’s get the year started off with a bang!   I am thrilled about the success of the CIO Exec Series Roundtable Group in 2009.  We grew new members by over 50%.   We are starting our 10th year and last year was our most successful and it is because of our members!

I would like to start out 2010 with a NEW TOPIC that hasn’t been covered formally in the group in quite some time – Electronic Discovery.  I think this is a timely topic since state and federal regulatory laws have been changing in 2009 and members are having to examine eDiscovery’s impact on their organizations. 

Please join our virtual roundtable on the topic of Electronic Discovery on Jan 27th from 9-10am


Before you are called in to tesify,  let’s have a peer discussion on this topic.  Let’s start with a basic question:
Does your understanding of your corporate email and communication policy match what is technical reality?

Agenda – Electronic Discovery
1. What laws have changed?
2. What are your local peers doing about this issue?
3. Who are the leading vendors?
4. With Email SaaS what are the options?
5. Discuss lessons learned.
6. Capturing a Needle in a Haystack.

• Audio/ Video (and emails that have these attachments)
• Email
• Instant Messaging
• Database Servers
• File Systems
• Detachable Media (usb, zip drives, etc)
7. Etc

Topic: CIO Exec Series Virtual Roundtable Discussion
Time: 9-10:00AM
Date: January 27, 2010

Jan 222010

I have been on the road now interviewing many of the CIOs in the CIO Exec Series Group to develop the content for the 2010 year.   We have the eDiscovery Virtual Roundtable next week and this blog post is an interesting discussion I had with this CIO friend of mine who had to dive deeply into the eDiscovery field over the past 18 months.   He actually used the Forensics for Dummies book. For a small to medium business CIO with 300 – 1,000 employees this may be all that is needed for you.

Here is a quick tool kit of products that he cobbled together to assist his attorneys in eDiscovery efforts. 

He uses the Barracuda product for email archiving. 

For OCR functionality and Indexing he uses a product called ABBYY that you can buy for less than $400 through CDW.  

He also uses a product made by Cleverbridge to check all documents for encrypted files since you can’t OCR encrypted files.  This product scans and finds all of these documents and removes their passwords on over 300 file types.

For the final Forensics part of the toolkit, he uses a fascinating product called Encase made by Guidance Software. They are the leading in the world for Digital Investigation software. You can check them out HERE.

He added that you will need lots of computing horsepower so make sure you build a powerful server to do the crunching.   eDiscovery for less than $10 grand – not bad.

This CIO wants to remain anonymous, but I want to thank him for his contribution here.   If you have comments, please post them below.