Cloud Antivirus Protection

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Oct 182010

Microsoft’s Cloud based AV (anti-virus) protection called Windows Intune will be released next year. David Strom, networking and communications technologies expert, wrote a review ofIntune which will give you a good understanding of it.

Although I respect Strom’s opinion on the differences between McAfee, Panda, and Microsoft’s version of Cloud AV protection, I have not seen one deployment yet of this solution from the group.  Please let me know – – has anyone deployed AV to the Cloud?

My concerns lie particularly with architecture and design issues. Questions I have:

If you allow Internet to branch offices and don’t backhaul Internet through corporate – thus centralizing Internet in your enterprise – how can you deploy AV updates to the edge?

How does one manage the bandwidth that will be needed for this?

What about legacy apps conflicts?

These are my concerns. What are yours?