Feb 252011

As William Shakespeare wrote 500 hundred years ago in Julius Caesar, “timing is everything.” Yesterday, I am sure timing was on the mind of AppSense‘s owners as Goldman Sachs announced they would invest $70 million in this U.K. software company.

The user virtualization market is set to top $2 billion by 2015 and AppSense is a leader in this market space. AppSense has a blue-chip customer and partner network that includes HP, Dell, IBM, CSC, Fujitsu, Avanade, Accenture, and EMC. Goldman is no stranger to late stage venture capital as just last month they invested $450 million in Facebook. Timing is everything!

It couldn’t be better timing for our CIO Executive Series group too. You see, we are lucky to have Simon Clephan, VP System Integrator Alliances at AppSense, as one of our guests for the upcoming March 2nd CIO roundtable on desktop virtualization. Simon is currently responsible for developing System Integrator Alliances with key partners for AppSense in the United States.

Perhaps the most challenging issue facing IT executives today is how can their users securely access their corporate computers remotely from laptops, tablets and smartphones. We are excited to have Simon discuss how AppSense is accomplishing this for their clients and we look forward to a lively roundtable discussion.

Nov 162010

Don’t miss Part 2 of my discussion with Alan Ropes, COO of CastleGarde. Alan talks about the importance of having a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Alan also shares his insights about the role of the CIO in Disaster Recovery planning.

Thank you Alan for your sharing your expertise with the CIOES group! Email or tweet me with your comments.

Nov 102010

It seems that the Internet’s evolution is changing the role of the traditional CIO. With the advent of cloud business solutions, social media, mobile devices and laptops; the CIO seems to be playing catch up. For many businesses, the decision to enlist these new web tools is not being made by the CIO. As we all know, the compliance, security, and disaster recovery implications for these new technologies are serious and it will ultimately be IT who will have to “fix” these breaches.

I recently read, How the Web Has Shifted IT’s Balance of Control by Mary E. Hackett with Internet Evolution. Ms. Hackett makes a great point that there might be a point where the CIO needs to “put their foot down” when it comes to their organization’s technology investment roadmap.

Please share your thoughts with me! I want to hear if this is becoming an issue for you and your departments.