Apr 182011

I am pleased to announce that Kristin Burnham, CIO.com Web 2.0 Advisor, will be our special guest at our CIO Roundtable on May 18 at Noon. Kristin is well versed on all things Facebook and we look forward to a lively discussion with our CIO Executive Series members.

Facebook is on every CIOs mind, but many are unfamiliar with its implications for business – good and bad. Kristin has written quite extensively about Facebook and please read some of her recent articles.

10 Must-Have Facebook Apps and Add-Ons
Are you a Facebook user and a music- or movie-buff? Can’t wait for an official “Dislike” button? Or always looking to identify connections who’ve “unfriended” you? If so, download these 10 must-have Facebook apps and add-ons.
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Facebook Bible: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Our Facebook guide delivers expert analysis on the latest Facebook developments, helpful tips, tricks and how-tos, and the latest updates on privacy, Facebook apps and more.
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Facebook Questions: 4 Warnings Before You Start
Facebook started rolling out the updated Questions platform to all users yesterday. But before you try it, consider some privacy, search and online reputation issues.
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Facebook Quick Tip: Enable Encryption to Avoid New Privacy Glitch
Some Facebook traffic this week took a misguided trip from AT&T servers through China and South Korea, exposing some user data. To protect yourself against such glitches, here’s how to enable Facebook’s HTTPS feature.
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Nov 042010

I thought you might be interested in a new CIO Executive Counsel survey published by CIO.com. I know the CIOs in our group struggle with managing their time and staff resources.

According to this survey’s findings, this is especially hard for all CIOs. More than half of IT leaders are currently transforming business processes, but 80% want to be strategic leaders. Below are key findings from the survey.

The Biggest Barriers to a Business-Focused CIO Role
Developing leadership depth among the IT staff 53%
Finding time to shift focus away from IT operations 38%
Building credibility with business stakeholders 34%
Stabilizing IT operations and performance 33%
Gaining time to shift focus away from process and system issues 33%
Having sufficient knowledge of business and market strategy 30%