I Survived the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.

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Oct 192010

Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to post these videos from my week (sep 27 – Oct 3)  in Southern Utah with the Boulder Outdoor Survival School.  I seem to take on these adventures because I am not supposed to as an adult or as a business owner, but I finally realized my boyhood dream of being Daniel Boone and Davey Crocket – if only for seven days.

No backpacks, flashlights, sleeping bags, utencils, food or phones were allowed during the week.   We were only able to have a jacket, poncho, blanket, and a knife.  Surviving out in the Wilderness, with hardly any means to survive except your ingenuity and the survival skills taught by the BOSS instructors, was a very sobering experience. 

In the following four videos, we have been walking for a day and half with no food and only water that we can carry and find. Our water supply left a lot to be desired, but I think that you may be shocked what I had to drink .  Hopefully, you will also notice the beautiful desert of Southern Utah before winter comes.

In the two videos below, I am making funny comments about RISK to the instructors because we are so high up on the cliffs.  All of us are pretty dehydrated with two guys throwing up and in bad shape.


After viewing the two videos below, don’t ever take for granted clean water and a soft bed.  Notice the flute music at the end and because there of the remoteness, it gets dark and quiet very quickly.  It reminded me of what it must have been like for our pioneering ancestors.


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