Oct 222010

While at Blog World, I video interviewed representatives from:

Bulbstorm (Drive more meaningful and deeper ‘fan’ engagement with Facebook.)

Compendium (With Compendium’s Social Media solution, your marketing team is able to generate content from a LAN hosted interface and optimize company content for SEO, Facebook, and Twitter.)

Sysomos (Recently acquired by Marketwire, they provide business intelligence for social media.)

You may want to further investigate these companies for your social media management and security strategies. Social media is rapidily evolving – best to be prepared so take a look.

Oct 152010

Ok,  I’m getting the hang of Twitter and I am now one of 200 million users (also known as Tweeps) who Tweet!  Amazing isn’t it?  Finally, someone taught me how to use it and I have to admit it, it is a bit addictive.

I have just downloaded and tested Seesmic and TweetDeck to do the following:  1) Who is tweeting about me.  2) Follow tweets on topics that interest me.  3) Follow people/thought leaders in subjects that interest me.

I know most of the CIOs in our community don’t have the familiarity with the tool to be comfortable with it.  I urge you to try it. Use these Twitter management tools and also download them to your mobile phone where it just makes life so much easier.

Oct 142010

I am in Las Vegas to attend the BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2010 conference which starts today and ends Saturday.  Social Media is becoming an integral element of IT services for all organizations – large or small, domestic or international.  At the conference, I will be meeting influential bloggers and interviewing CIOs for CIOES & CIO TV.

I will also be attending sessions that deal with security and privacy regarding social media content.  I recently read McAfee’s Global Report on Web 2.0 and social networking in business.  More than 1,000 global decision makers were surveyed and 60% said their organizations already suffered losses averaging $2 million from security issues last year. Social media might be here to stay, but how are IT professionals going to protect corporate intellectual property? 

A Wall Street Journal article on Web Scraping deals with the identity ramifications of social media in the enterprise.  I am just shocked at the extent people are scarfing information from social media sites and then selling it!  Talk about living a life of no integrity.   Take time to read it – most CIOs should be aware of this!

Hopefully at this event, I will learn how organizations are dealing with these important issues and will report back to the CIOES group.

Note: If you are curious about any items at Blog World, vendors or information related to security or usability, please email or tweet! I will gather what I can for you.