Jan 032011

This is a real life example that happened to me and a CIO last week that illustrates Twitter and customer service at its best.
Two things are needed. 1) An internet connection and 2) Tweetdeck

If anyone doubts the power of the Twitter-Verse, think again. I was Tweeting with one of my Tweeps (@sonny_h) about his not-so-great experience at Best Buy over the holiday break. We both used the hashtag #bestbuy in our Tweets and guess what? Best Buy responded quickly in an effort to provide customer service and of course, to protect their brand. Please follow the Twitter chain below.
#bestbuy experience is completely shambolic now. Complete #fail. They just lost out on a $600 sale because no one would bother to talk to me
@sonny_h Let’s see if they are watching this hashtag to see if they respond #cio #bestbuy Wednesday, December 29, 2010 5:40:15 PM via TweetDeck in reply to sonny_h
@CIOesTV we do :) 5:46 PM Dec 29th via web in reply to CIOesTV
@sonny_h I am disappointed to hear this & apologize for the experience – which location was this? Wednesday, December 29, 2010 5:46:16 PM via web in reply to sonny_h
@Coral_BestBuy thanks for listening. This was at the bailey’s cross roads location in #arlingtonva 7:23 PM Dec 29th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Coral_BestBuy

@CIOesTV just got a tweet from @coral_bestbuy. Good to see they are at least listening. Hope it helps improve the shortcomings. 7:24 PM Dec 29th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to CIOesTV

@sonny_h Thank you – which department were you shopping in? or are there any other details you can share for me when I address this? 7:25 PM Dec 29th via web in reply to sonny_h

@Coral_BestBuy appliances. No sales agent on site. After tracking down another agent was informed he’s on lunch. Waited 30 minutes. No luck 7:28 PM Dec 29th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to Coral_BestBuy

Dec 272010

Another year is almost gone and 2010 had some big tech stories. According to InfoWorld, we are entering into a post PC era where iPads & smartphones rule. Take a look at the The Top 10 Tech Stories of 2010 and let me know if you agree with their list.

  1. Apple Does it Again: iPad Sets a New Direction for Computing
  2. Microsoft Plays Catch-Up with Windows Phone 7
  3. Verizon Launches LTE Network — 4G or Not, it’s the Next Generation
  4. HP Ousts Hurd as Boardroom Soap Opera Continues
  5. Google in China: A Geopolitical Thriller
  6. Stuxnet: Industrial Systems Under Attack
  7. International Teamwork Breaks up Zeus Botnet Crime Ring
  8. Google Street View Feeds Privacy Debate
  9. China Claims Supercomputer Crown
  10. The Tech Sector Bounces Back
Dec 012010

As 2010 comes to a close, technology predictions reveal significant changes for CIOs and IT leaders.

Gartner came out with their predictions yesterday. Perhaps the most interesting to CIOs is that Gartner predicts that “by 2015, new revenue generated each year by IT will determine the annual compensation of most new Global 2000 CIOs.”

Apptio, the leading provider of on-demand Technology Business Management (TBM) software solutions, came out with their top five CIO predictions for 2011. What’s the number one prediction? According to Apptio, CIO’s will run their IT portfolio like a supply chain strategist. Consensus is growing that the CIO will transform into a business strategist by delivering IT services in a supply chain framework.

Can’t wait to hear your comments about these predictions! Email or tweet me.