Jan 142013

The CIO Exec Series is in its 13th year of existence. In 2011 the schedule of topics for the year is listed on the main group website – www.cioes.org. Recently we renamed the group to align it with our primary sponsor and to more accurately represent the monthly programs that will be rolled out in 2013. Click Here to be redirected to the current collaboration’s schedule.


2013 will focus on Strategic Discussions, Virtual Workshops, Meet-ups, and Roundtable programs related to:

  • CIO and CMO Partnership
  • Mobile Device Management – Click Here to Register
  • Security Policy Development
  • IT Portfolio Investment Communication
  • Big Data Analytics
Dec 072012

Can you learn about how to evaluate a Cloud Opportunity from your Peers?

I am excited to offer you the summary of my CIOs In The RedZone Virtual Roundtable Series Titled Move Your Data Center to the Cloud. I firmly believe that Cloud provides a solid opportunity for business. Many of you agree with this. However, you can’t wait for the Cloud Sales Reps to talk to the CEO or Marketing Exec. With pace you need to ask big questions and create unusual opportunities for your businesses.

The CIOs that attended this event asked great questions and I hope you find this very useful.

The voice you hear first when you start this presentation is Mary Gilman with the US Naval Academy. Our main presenter is Garry Marsoubian, Director of Data Center Services for MRIS. This Roundtable session is hosted and moderated by Bill Murphy, Founder of RedZone and the CIOs In The RedZone Series which was started in 1999.

Garry is an IT leader who came to the conclusion that he and his team can compete better in the delivery of Cloud Services than the Cloud Vendors themselves. See how he logically broke every last detail of the decision into pieces so that Management can see that this opportunity was examined and evaluated for its merits and for its cons.

Learn About Open Stack and Cloud Data Center Migrations:

– Understand what this means to ensure a smooth transition to cloud
– Ensure interoperability and portability with Open Stack
– Kernel processes are different and operate differently with Cloud, etc

“What a tremendous event of learning and peer review. I have hosted quite a lot of Virtual Roundtables through the years and this ranks in the top few. If you are serious about being a CIO, VP of IT, Director level Lieutenant and want to see how serious medium sized businesses evaluate and review important technology shifts for relevance for their business click play below.”

Click Here for a transcript of the event

Nov 092012

This meeting was excellent on 11/9/2012. Todd Herman talked with us. Todd is a Big Data Expert and Crowd Verb Founder. He was also the Chief Digital Strategist, RNC| Former General Manager, Media Strategy & Monetization, Microsoft | We covered how the CIO can align with the CMO and start to use Big Data Analytics to drive:

  • Marketing Impact
  • Advertising Efficacy
  • Product features, differences, and differentiators
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Messaging Testing
  • Business partner analysis
  • Etc


One of the quote from a CIO attendee was, “Strategic plans are created now based on the
data. Big Data tools are a good tool tovalidate strategic planning decisions to see if we
are going to move in the right direction.”