Jul 012011

What is happening with smartphones, tablets, and other devices is that with having this equipment in the workplace, IT may now be required to provide access and support for the users. It used to be that one could offer a Blackberry device and you’re done. Users are happy and you are safe and secure.  Now […]

May 192011

Yesterday, we had an interactive and lively discussion regarding Facebook.  Our special guest was Kristin Burnham, Web 2.0 Advisor.  Kristin has written extensively about the evolution and impact of Facebook. Please take a look at some of her writings I have also attached the slide presentation and the podcast for your review. During our Q & A […]

Apr 182011
Save the Date:  May 18th - Everything You Need to Know About Facebook

I am pleased to announce that Kristin Burnham, Web 2.0 Advisor, will be our special guest at our CIO Roundtable on May 18 at Noon. Kristin is well versed on all things Facebook and we look forward to a lively discussion with our CIO Executive Series members. Facebook is on every CIOs mind, but […]