May 192011

Yesterday, we had an interactive and lively discussion regarding Facebook.  Our special guest was Kristin Burnham, Web 2.0 Advisor.  Kristin has written extensively about the evolution and impact of Facebook. Please take a look at some of her writings I have also attached the slide presentation and the podcast for your review.

During our Q & A session, it became apparent that Facebook – with 500,000 million users (thanks for that info Bill Mountjoy) – is here to stay.  Each enterprise has different policies in dealing with Facebook use and the CIO’s involvement varies as well. I want to thank our CIOs for their participation and we were lucky to hear what is really going on within our members’ organizations and businesses.

Special Note: Our member Michael Sola with the National Wildlife Federation is really a pioneer in utilizing social media throughout the enterprise.  If you want to learn from this expert, please tweet with him on Twitter @michaelsola or read his blog.

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