Mar 142011

Over the weekend, I came across relevant articles and blog posts that discuss the costs and benefits of VDI. The CIO Executive Series roundtable last month demonstrated that there are tremendous benefits of a virtual desktop environment, but not every company or organization has the need or the resources for a virtual desktop infrastructure.

Consensus from most VDI experts is that the explosion of mobile computing, especially the iPad, has hastened the desktop virtualization market and fueled Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work. As a CIO you may be feeling the business pressure to jump on board this fast train, but before you do, make sure you look at all the alternatives.

If you are considering VDI, please take the time to read a well thought blog post by Colin Smith. His post appeared on Tech Republic and it is called VDI vs. terminal services: How to evaluate your use case before making a decision. Colin points out that before making any decision, the IT team must evaluate their organization’s specific use case before proceeding. Colin highlights the fact that managing VDI deployments is the biggest challenge for CIOs…

With all of the momentum behind VDI deployments, organizations are beginning to realize that with the advantages come some unexpected costs and complexity. One of the biggest challenges is managing VDI deployments. In theory they should be easier to manage than legacy physical desktops, but the management tools for physical desktops are very mature, well understood, and in many cases, already in place.

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