Mar 092011

Secure? Please!

Here is a quote from my CTO at RedZone, “While testing the new SonicOS 5.8 code in our office that included the new application capturing signature database currently recognizing geometry homework over 2,800 applications and millions of malware threats, in the first few minutes we were able to see that Bill’s pc (that is me…. CIO Exec Series Founder) was sending data via the google toolbar even when he wasn’t using it. Also my team was able to see with SonicOS 5.8 that a single computer with Tweetdeck (a social media tool that consolidates Twitter/LinkedIn/Facebook communciation) took more bandwidth than we ever thought was possible and was more bandwidth intensive than synchronizing Exchange and DFS.”

Tweetdeck and Hootsuite and other social media are handy social media management software tools that marketing uses. The net net here is take control of your desktops. Any company that has to fly a mission “do no evil” is up to no good. Use these products as needed, but eliminate the tool bar.

It serves no good corporate purpose.

Summary – The SonicOS 5.8 has very versatile and powerful web 2.0 security controls for outbound traffic. Perfect!

If you would like more information about how to do this and what products are perfect for this let me know

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