Mar 082011

I have been working with remote access technologies for 12 years now and I love SonicWall’s new add-on capabilities to their SSL VPN line.

Remote Access

Remote Access for Smart Devices

  • Allow your users to access corporate resources securely using Droid, Iphone, Ipad, Win7 phone, anything, etc.
  • Use a reverse proxy add-on to enable this capability to allow secure access to corporate resources.
  • Quickly add Strong Authentication to OWA without a portal
  • Add RSA and 1-time passcodes
  • Un-portal ‘able’ applications are now portal ‘able’

Hit this link to learn more. about SonicWall’s product line.

Hit this link if you would like to talk to our Sponsor RedZone about how to get this done.

Email me if you have questions

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