Feb 152011

I had the opportunity to interview virtualization expert Andi Mann. Andi is currently the VP of Virtualization Product Marketing at CA Technologies responsible for the go-to-market planning and delivery of CA Technologies’ software solutions. Andi has also held senior level analyst positions with Fuji, American Express and Exxon.

As a CIO, I know you are always looking for that seat at the executive table. In my conservation with Andi, he and I discuss approaches and language that you, the CIO, can use to avoid a virtual stall in your Virtualization Strategies. It is important for the CIO to approach virtualization as a strategy – – not a project.

Andi also suggests that IT executives emphasize business language when discussing Virtualization and Cloud such: agility, flexibility, faster time to market, innovation, generating faster cash, generating faster revenue, getting products onto the shelf, leapfrog competitors, etc.

Watch this video and learn from an expert how you can accomplish this.

Note: More video posts with my conservation with Andi to come – keep checking!

Feb 102011

Peter Silva, Technical Marketing Manager with F5 and I discuss Virtual SSL VPNs that run on VMware. I love SSL VPNs because they have revolutionized remote access and secure remote access control. Peter discusses how you can leverage your investment in VMWare with virtual SSL VPN appliances from F5. Peter is a great speaker and evangelist for elegant architecture and design. We discussed a very tactical important area to be aware of when it comes to leveraging your Virtual Infrastructure investment.

Feb 072011

I recently interviewed Peter Silva, Technical Marketing Manager with F5. We talked about an interesting problem facing CIOs today and one that CIOs in our roundtable group have talked to me about frequently. The problem is Dynamic Applications and Mobile Users. Why is this problem? There are three challenges that a CIO has to think about today that require support for Dynamic Applications and Mobile Users:
• Dynamic Applications (Delivered from Corporate IT services or Cloud Providers)
• Disaster Recovery Site Access
• Smart Device Access

Peter discusses his philosophy on F5 solutions sitting at the point of control on the network in order to make CONTEXT based decisions on where users go and what applications they can access.