Dec 112010

I wanted to share this article with you by Andi Mann, VP with CA Technologies. I found out about this article from a tweet from Andi. Btw – if you don’t follow Andi on Twitter, please do: @andimann.

The CIO as a business leader needs to be a champion of technology tools that enable the business to meet the overall goals of the organization. How many times have you heard this? I like this article because it has ‘evergreen’ value. What I mean by ‘evergreen’ is that Virtualization is here to stay and from a business agility perspective, it is a core technology to enable strategic objectives.

Andi’s comments about Virtualization projects stalling is very observant. He says, “Typically as a virtualization deployment reaches around 30-40% of servers, IT is unable to scale up with the resources and processes that got them to that point. As a result, a virtualization deployment slows down or stops altogether. This is called virtual stall– the inability to overcome the “tipping points” needed to move the needle on virtualization maturity…”

As a CIO, you know Virtualization is here to stay. If your company is going to stay relevant you will need to participate in the directional shift within IT over the next 5 years with the CIO shifting into the role of Business Enabler and Business Leader. You need to make sure that your team is executing on Virtualization so that you can stay on the business enablement and agility side of the fence. I invite you to leave your comments below.


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