Nov 242010

In my discussions with my RedZone CIO clients and the CIO Executive Series members, I am increasingly hearing CIOs are under the gun to adapt quickly to new business application technology. I have been commenting on this issue and highlighting CIOs who are breaking stereotypes.

A couple days ago I found a tweet referencing a post on Forbes’ CIO Central blog titled, Why The CIO Role Is Under Fire. Nearly 2,000 people have viewed this post and I think it is a must read for our members. In today’s fast paced world of technology, CIOs need to adapt to remain relevant. In the post, the author stresses that the bottom line for a CIO’s success is “adopting a next generation point of view.”

FYI: Every CIO should take a quick look at this slide share called Myth-Busting the CIO Archetype. The slide show busts seven myths about the role of the CIO and btw, was prepared by two CIOs.

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