Nov 122010

I have noticed during our most recent Virtual Roundtables, evaluating the business benefits of Cloud seems to be on most of the IT executives’ minds. The economic benefits of Cloud seem to be driving more and more organizations to seriously look at Cloud solutions for their businesses.

According to a report by The 451 Group, the cloud computing marketplace will grow to $16.7 billion by 2013 an increase of 24% from 2010.

Microsoft recently released a November white paper called The Economics of the Cloud. Microsoft makes the case that the Cloud revolution will transform the IT industry. In the white paper, Microsoft states that IT is shifting from client/server to the Cloud. This is a must read for all IT professionals.

  2 Responses to “Evaluating Cloud’s Economic Impact and Transformational Shift”

  1. Dealing with protected information as I do, I won’t use a cloud service. Otherwise my business could benefit greatly as we host around 3TB of data grouped in various customer servers that grows in spurts.

    My team ended up deploying our own Eucalyptus cloud cluster and were able to reduce our server count while increasing capacity due to the better allocation of resources. A few simple tweaks to our proprietary software made it cloud aware and easier to manage. We can now deploy a new server in minutes with a simple script instead of hours, and still keep resources in reserve for instant expansion.

    If we were to try Amazon for the same data we would be looking at tens of thousands a month in storage and bandwidth fees. Cloud doesn’t have to mean going outside your organization. With stock 1U servers and some free software you can reap the benefits of cloud infrastructure yourself, depending on your particular need.

    • Tony – Thanks for your comments here re: Cloud. I am assuming that you deployed a private cloud with Eucalyptus? Interesting comments Tony. How have you found the bandwidth impact to be? Bill

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