Sep 092010

Bill Murphy blogs about technology today.
The Silver Diner’s past CIO Mike Snow explained to me once how the Silver Diner was trying to change the rules of local dining. How is what the Silver Diner restaurant is now offering any different than what the industry is trying to offer IT buyers today?

The first difference with the Silver Diner dining experience is that I am purchasing/ acquiring my food differently.  There is no waiter, so patrons order from a kiosk. Second, the food delivery model has changed- there is no waiter delivering the food.  How is this different than Cloud Service or MSP (Managed Services)?

I view the purchasing and delivery components of this restaurant as sort of parallel to how ADAM is working as well. ADAM stands for ‘Alternative Delivery and Alternative Acquisition Model’, which is another word for Cloud Computing or MSP. The MSP Service and Cloud Service is delivered and acquired according to a different model. Instead of saying “Cloud,” from now on I am going to say “ADAM”  – Bill

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