Sep 222010

This is a vision post for the CIO who wants to integrate Network Health, Security Event Management, and Forensics. I felt compelled to blog about this because the similarities of what I do with Triathlon racing is very aligned with what your network management goals may be for your business. See how I integrate many potential variables in bike training and racing down to the critical few that give me all the important data I need.
As the CIO you may have a goal of:
1) Integrating AD Active Directory into your security edge devices. Well how do you track this? What items are most important? How are you staffed to manage this on a day by day basis?
2) Tracking web traffic down to a user by user basis?
3) Integrating external access control, authorization, and authentication into one dashboard.
4) Integrating audit requirements like PCI, NCUA, etc. into a planned monitoring and event management strategy.
There are so many network elements to track on a day by day basis however, monitoring is not the same as forensics and the strategy and tools that are needed vary with both objectives.

Watch my VidBlog: The technology that my coach and I use to manage my day to day and month by month progress is cool. From a technical perspective, you may get a kick out of looking at some of the tools I use to monitor body mass, hydration, heart rate, pace, minutes permile, elapsed time, GPS coordinates, and speed. See if you can use some of the tools I use them yourself for whatever your fitness goal may be.

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