Sep 282010

The hype is out of control, however the options are compelling when it comes to your upgrade to Exchange 2010. On-prem versus Off-prem? How does a CIO decide? Part of it is philosophical and part of it is pragmatic. Some pragmatic issues are addressed on this video, although at the end of the day, one still must ask: “Does my company make money with email or are there other applications that I want to invest my staff’s talents and resources in?” Remember the ADAM principle, Alternative Delivery Acquisition Model. This is all the Cloud is about.

In this video, I explore Disaster Recovery, a common email system element in deciding whether to upgrade your email system to a on-premise solution (traditional upgrade) or whether deploying your upgrade and system into the cloud (off-prem) is best for you.

Enjoy the video and share your thoughts right here on the blog!

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