Aug 102010

This RFP is a VoIP, Call Center, and Unified Communication guideline for new system requirements and not necessarily a full style RFP. The CIO’s organization who developed this RFP actually uses the vendor interaction to refine requirements. His organization develops guidelines (seen below) for vendors to present to but they are also aware that their requirements can shift as they learn about product functionality from vendors during the presentation phase.
One of the goals of this organization is for the senior team to focus on the goals and objectives for the purchase. The business owners of the solution focus on tight alignment of the technology to the overall business guidelines for purchase. This CIO has purview over the WAN/MPLS infrastructure, routing and switching decisions; and event though he has significant influence in the selection of the phone system he specifically steps away to allow the business owners to step in and weigh heavily in front of the executive team.

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