Aug 242010

Bill Murphy blogs about technology today.The quickest way to develop an enterprise-wide SIP (Security, Identity, & Privacy Strategy) is for a senior executive to lose one of the following: PC, laptop, cell phone, or blackberry. Many senior executives think that perimeter security is a firewall and maybe an IDS/IPD/IDP system.

The notion of security through a solid perimeter around a well-defined protected network has disappeared: the walled medieval castle concept is dead. The perimeter has not disappeared; it has expanded to include mobile devices used in today’s organizations. Perimeter security is now a combination of traditional perimeter mechanisms and end-point security.

So how do you take control of end-point security? My opinion is that you can’t, at least not with the security and networking budgets that I see. However, you can take control by developing a plan to control end-point device security.  Start developing your client integrity plan by asking the following questions presented on the White Paper.

Stay tuned, I will discuss remaining steps involved in developing and executing your SIP strategy in future posts!

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