May 072010

I met an interesting kid the other day who was pursuing a job selling for my company. He couldn’t have been more than 21 years old but I couldn’t get over how experienced for being only 20 or 21 year old. At 17 years old he was managing a retail GNC store and then managed another store at the Annapolis Mall. On to The Meat Job: After the retail stores, he got a job selling on 100% commission meat products door to door. I can’t imagine who ‘steered’ (yes, pun intended) him in this direction, but he would try to sell $200 – $300 of meat products door to door . I asked him how he performed doing this compared to his peers. He said two interesting things:
1) “Well I supported myself and paid my own rent at my apartment doing this job…..” I thought wow this is a kid who really gets it and is learning some interesting lessons early in his career.
2) “Well I ended up in the middle of the pack, but the people ahead of me were unethical

and the business practices of the company were unethical too…..” I didn’t press him on this, but good for him for standing up for his values.

I remember selling a product early in my career that was just not a very good product at all, and I didn’t feel that it matched to my standards of excellence. I ended up in the top 10% nationwide, but I had to move on from this job to sell a product I believe in.

As the CIO, the person in charge of IT, how many of you are aligned with creating a world class product for your sales staff to sell. Is it the very best? Are your sales people happy with it? Can you facilitate a transformation of the quality of the product or the delivery so that it competes with the best

in your industry? The CIOs in our group are sharing with me that they are taking an active part in revenue generation, customer acquisition and customer satisfaction. I welcome from the group any success stories related to this so that I can share them.

Good product and long expiration date; arrived quickly. ! Since online pharmacies have appeared a lot of opportunities appeared which have to be implemented.

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