May 122010

Recently, I have been asking myself, “If one is going to move to Exchange 2010, why not move into the Cloud?” Instead of proving why one shouldn’t deploy apps in the cloud like email systems, I asked the question, why not? My team recently completed research for a client and reviewed about 5 SaaS Email Cloud vendors (Microsoft,, Venyu, Rackspace, and This client of 600 users has very unique requirements from full Outlook support, Blackberry, Archiving, SPAM, eDiscovery needs, Pop accounts, etc. It was not your simple email solution. The engineers with the SaaS Email vendor recommended are smart, and they asked the right questions……..Their first one was tell me about Bandwidth?? This client fortunately has gobs of cheap bandwidth, but this is one of the most important question to ask in regards to Cloud……Band

width for a couple of you is plentiful but for most of you it is not.

The architecture and design of the network is critically important since it may be great to have an app delivered from an ‘all 9999s’ facility but if the app can’t get to you reliably due to latency then the Cloud Solutions is now turns into a Thunderstorm.

Here is Where the Strategy Begins: From a strategic perspective our client has a very compelling reason to look at this as a solution, and I can feel his pain. His business is asking him to increase the pace of his projects without increasing his headcount. It all comes down to prioritization and use of resources and not whichever method of deploying resources is cheapest. Quite simply, the person that is supporting his email system is better utilized in projects that directly support the business.

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