May 272010

Company size: 1100 employees and 40 offices worldwide.

CIO: I would be very interested in discussing more about project management. I am thinking of ways that I can staff up using a pool of resources so that I can flex my resources as needed. We have a PIC and a POC committee that provide oversight on projects. These stand for Project Oversight and Project Investment Committees. I have to be able to communicate to the business regarding how staff is using their time across all disciplines:
• Maintenance activities
• Customer development
• Product development and innovation
• Internal development
• Administration (NVA – no value add)

We have a strategic objective to start managing the business better and I am looking at BI / KPIs (Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators) to leverage the information we have into a balanced scorecard for the executive team. I am going to use OBI tools into my finance system for example.

I am hoping through this process to start to understand for example how much percentage of the portfolio of money should be spent on security and also determine should I ‘DIY’ with a project or use off the shelf tools.

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