Apr 102010

The VRT on this topic with the group was great. Here is a review of the agenda covered. If you have an interest in dowloading the presentation and the survey results the file is inlcuded here. Enjoy!

  • Virtualization or Physical Deployment (Portability, HA vs. Clustering, DR flexibility)
  • Backup decisions (VM backup, disk image, Exchange aware, offsite VTL and replication)
  • Backups offsite – D2D and Backup software replication
  • SAN impact discussion
  • High Availability Decisions – Virtual, physical clustering, 3rd party options
  • DR / Recovery Decisions – Virtualization, SANs, Backup systems, Exchange SCR
  • Security and Add-On Management (Policy, Data Loss Prevention, Encryption, Remote Access, and Archivers)
  • Exchange point replication solutions (eg. Doubletake and Neverfail)
  • OWA and Clean PC
  • PC Virtualization Decision

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