Jan 112010


Cloud types – Review the following

  • Public
  • Private
  • Internal
  • Competition with internal resources

Data Center Economics

  • Build, Buy, Borrow
  • Mixing internal resources
  • Balancing IT Investments
  • What are your costs?

VirtualizationServer, Network, Client, and Storage

  • Current issues
  • New creative application of virtualization
  • Management tools

IT Management

  • Review current  personnel management issues
  • Review creative ways CIOs are managing their staff
  • Explore Old versus new ways of work

Social Media- Inside/ Outside Organization

  • Employees, customers, partners
  • Challenges – privacy, identity, and security
  • Privacy & Identity issues
  • Security challenges
  • Old vs. new ways of work
  • Brand management and perception

Mobile Computing – Google phone, iPhone, Blackberry, Active synch, Droid – How does one support them all? What are the issues? Policy development..

  • Digital life— Digital work
  • Allow users to blend experiences


  • Learn about the technology
  • Learn about how SIP works with replacing traditional TDM
  • What the benefits and challenges?

PC Virtualization

  • Comparison of virtualization options with major vendors like Citrix and VMWare
  • Success stories
  • Roadblocks

Windows 7

  • Functionality review

Exchange 2010 – review with the group the integration of this technology and the impact with the following:

  • Sharepoint
  • DR impact
  • Virtualization
  • SAN

Risk Management & Compliance (SIP)

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