Dec 232009

I have been receiving many requests for Exchange 2010 information.  Here is some information that might help you as you plan and evaluate Exchange 2010 for your organizations.

• Symantec – Anti-virus has Windows 2008 file level support now.
• Symantec – Exchange 2010 aware Anti-virus pending release Feb 2010.
• Symantec – Backup Exec support for Exchange 2010 in late Q1.
• McAfee – Beta testing their Groupshield for Exchange 2010. Beta testing ends Jan 30th so the release has to be late February or so.
• Mcafee – File level that supports windows 2008 and windows 2008 r2 is available now.
• Tapeless Backups – All Exchange discussions these days always end up with backup and recovery. We have reviewed several.  In our opinion, the best Disc to Disc to Disc, and Disc to Disc to Tape is made by HP.   I have attached pdf document for those interested in reading further.
• Exchange 2010 and DR – Native Microsoft SCR options versus Third Party are worth exploring.
• Exchange 2007 and 2010.  Do you have SA for both Exchange 2007/10 and Windows 2008?  The licensing expense is non-trivial.
• Sharepoint is needed for Public Folders. Most people know this, but gauge the impact here for you and your organization.

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