Dec 232009

I have been receiving many requests for Exchange 2010 information.  Here is some information that might help you as you plan and evaluate Exchange 2010 for your organizations.

• Symantec – Anti-virus has Windows 2008 file level support now.
• Symantec – Exchange 2010 aware Anti-virus pending release Feb 2010.
• Symantec – Backup Exec support for Exchange 2010 in late Q1.
• McAfee – Beta testing their Groupshield for Exchange 2010. Beta testing ends Jan 30th so the release has to be late February or so.
• Mcafee – File level that supports windows 2008 and windows 2008 r2 is available now.
• Tapeless Backups – All Exchange discussions these days always end up with backup and recovery. We have reviewed several.  In our opinion, the best Disc to Disc to Disc, and Disc to Disc to Tape is made by HP.   I have attached pdf document for those interested in reading further.
• Exchange 2010 and DR – Native Microsoft SCR options versus Third Party are worth exploring.
• Exchange 2007 and 2010.  Do you have SA for both Exchange 2007/10 and Windows 2008?  The licensing expense is non-trivial.
• Sharepoint is needed for Public Folders. Most people know this, but gauge the impact here for you and your organization.

Dec 222009

My holiday greetings will be a bit different that the Holiday emails we are all receiving this time of year. 

Most of us crave this time of year because we pause and and reflect on our accomplishments. The appreciation piece is difficult sometimes, because we live in a prosperous area of the country that in many ways, seems at times, immune to suffering.

Sometimes I find it easier to connect with the Holiday Season when I hear, see, or experience what others have experienced and reminds me what I truly have!   Take a few moments to watch Dan Caro’s story.  This video really hit home and brought me to a grounded state that I want to be in more often.  It widens the gap and lengthens the pause of experiencing a real compassion and gratitude for the experiences of others and temporarily removing the ‘me’ from the equation. 

As I spend time with my young family over the holidays, my sense of appreciation and being present for them is expanded after watching Dan’s story.  Let me know what you think.

Enjoy your holidays!

Dec 122009

• 20 Interviews and corresponding CIOs meeting notes and help guides were developed and put on the secure site
• We grew from 40 members to 80 members
• Roundtable Discussion to examine ways of driving IT expenses down.
• Roundtable Discussion – Using Technology to Drive Process Improvement and reduce corporate overhead.
• Pandemic Flu Roundtable
• Cloud Computing Roundtable
• Cloud Computing Case Study Presentation
• Roundtable Discussion – Mergers and Acquisitions Lessons Learned from an IT and business process perspective
• Telecom, Collaboration, Workforce, Distance Learning, Virtual Meetings Presentation from Curt Island, CEO with TelVersant Group
• Launch of the new interactive site and Content Management System
• Golf Event in September
• Lunch Event at Eggspectations in Columbia
• We hired our first full time person to support the group moving forward.