Oct 282009

I am excited! I just finished a pre-virtual roundtable conference call with Mark Desrosiers, our presenter for the Virtual Roundtable Presentation and QA Discussion on November 18th from 10-11:30AM.

Mark is Senior Vice President Commercial Operations for CNS Response. I met Mark over the summer at the Burton Group Catalyst conference after he gave a presentation regarding Building Applications for the Cloud to an audience of CIOs and IT Architects.

CNS Response is a Medical Data Providor and built a core business application that is now delivered through the Cloud.

CNS Response Overview
• Psychopharmacology Medical Data Provider
• HQ – Costa Mesa
• Employee base located in 6 states
• Customer base located in 13 US States, Canada, Australia, Turkey

Mark and I spoke at length. Here is the agenda for the meeting:

• Learn about how to outsource application development for Cloud Computing
• Use the Cloud as a tool to outsource a business process
• Learn about securing the cloud even with ornery security requirements like HIPPA
• Learn about Force.com platform for application development
• Learn more about Salesforce.com CRM application
• Learn about how Mark tied these two together
• Regional deployment for multiple offices over several states
• Distributed workforce options
• Cloud Computing Rewards
• Cloud Computing Hurdles

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