Jul 082009

This topic I think is very compelling for CIOs being questioned by the CFO and CEO, “How much IT staff do you really need?” The topic is bigger than this of course but I am excited about this virtual conference call.

Register Here For Developing IT Metrics for the Organization 7/23/09 7:30-8:30AM Web Based Virtual Roundtable

CIO Executive Series – Research and Advisory Group
Gems of wisdom Agenda for this group virtual roundtable discussion.

7/23/09 from 7:30 to 8:30AM
Audience – Top IT decision maker (CIO, SR VP IT, etc)
1. How many people do you have?
2. What is the complexity of your data center?
3. Staffing headcount?
4. Other issues impacting head count?
5. M&A impact of staffing
6. Do you budget for staff training/development?
7. If so, how much training do you give per headcount?
8. Learn from peers regarding what the business is tasking them with from a headcount and staffing view
9. Learn ways of communicating regarding this topic

Register Here

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