Jul 072009

I have uploaded a document that is a compilation of technical questions to ask during the M&A process. I am hoping that this document can be disseminated into the group and that the CIO Members can upload their thoughts into this document and post it to the forum for review by everyone.

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  1. Under the Mergers and Aquisitions topic, I wanted to put a plug in for Enterprise Architectures. The following is a piece from a newsletter from opengroup.org mentioning TOGAF as the EA:

    “23rd Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference: Day 2 Highlights

    Kumud Kalia, CIO and EVP Customer Operations, Direct Energy, Canada, kicked off the Enterprise Architecture Lifecycle Plenary with an opening keynote on “the Role of IT in Mergers and Acquisitions”. Direct Energy, a subsidiary of the UK-based energy company Centrica, has grown into the leading competitive energy retail supplier in North America and is Canada’s 30th largest company. Mr. Kalia discussed the role of IT and enterprise architecture in successfully completing over 40 acquisitions over an 8 year period, and spotlighted where TOGAF fit into the mix. In his presentation, Kalia emphasized the importance of establishing a prioritization process, building M&A skills into the IT team, and managing staff through dramatic change. He also explained that while enterprise architects are not cultural change agents at Direct Energy, they very much play a vital role as thought leaders within the organization.”

  2. Mike, this is a great post and a good adjunct to the post regarding mergers and aquisitions – Bill

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